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Finding the perfect Valentine's Gifts for the classroom and beyond

Valentine's Day for parents is a whole different game, at least in my house. The focus shifted off my husband and I and onto the kids and their classroom exchanges. But in my opinion it's not just all about classroom exchanges either. Besides your child's teacher there are other staff members that definitely deserve some extra "love" for all they do. So with a little help from Oriental Trading my daughter and I decided to put together some simple, yet super fun Valentine's Day gift boxes.

Here's what we used:
• Valentine Treat Boxes (to hold all of the goodies of course) I also added some tissue paper in the bottom since we weren't packing them full to the top and I didn't want the contents to be all beat up during delivery.

• Valentine Pen on A Rope and a Smile Face Heart-Shaped Stress Ball, you never know if the recipient can't have sweets so it's always best to also throw in a few fun items. Plus what staff member couldn't relieve a little stress in their day right?

• They also all had some of each kind of candy: Chocolate Conversation HeartsHershey's® Kisses®Red Foil-Wrapped Hard Candy and Red Striped Hard Candy Balls.

• I then finished it off with some Red Mesh Tube Ribbon to give it a little added flair.

Really quite simple, yet it looks like we really put a lot of thought and heart into it (pun intended).

And of course we still do the classroom exchange thing too. My daughter's in 4th grade so it's still all the hype with the kids. Plus she's in after school activities so she wants to pass out Valentines there too. Which of course means we need more than one bag of cards/candy. The nice thing about shopping online is there's not quite as many to choose from as there is in store so I can have my daughter quickly pick between a few options. Plus we can shop by how many are in a bag quickly and easily too. With these kits she can still fill out the To/From Valentines cards and give each of her friends a little treat too.

Here's the ones we picked for her classroom and friends:
• Valentine Owl Skittles® Valentine Card Kit - Super cute cards that hold little bags of Skittles.

• AirHeads® Valentine Bites - Little bags of bites with a place on the bag for names.

• Reese’s® Peanut Butter Conversation Cups - Individually wrapped peanut butter cups, these are great for exchanges or just for fun.

With the convenience of online shopping I love that I can skip the checkout lines in stores and get everything it all in one convenient place. No large crowds to deal with or having to tell my kids no to every other Valentine's Day gift or trinket they pick up either. So a big THANK YOU to online stores like Oriental Trading for making this mom's life easier!
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