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Start the new year off right with The Bible Is My Best Friend

My daughter has been reading through a study Bible for young girls and has been enjoying it so much she's been telling us about it almost daily. I love seeing her get so excited about the word and wanting to share it with us. She even asked about finding a study Bible that we could do as a family. Not long after that request I was given the opportunity to check out The Bible Is My Best Friend: Family Devotional. It's not a study Bible but it is something we can enjoy together as a family. And it's from one of my favorite Christian authors, Sheila Walsh. It contains 52 devotions that you can read through and enjoy as a family one week at a time. My daughter was so excited about the book that she's already been reading some of the devotions in it. I told her we are going to wait till the New Year though to actually formally start it as a family.

Each week you start off by reading a verse of scripture - that's your memory verse for the week. Then there's a "Back to the Bible" story to go along with the scripture to put it into perspective. I like this because it's a great way to explain the verse to my daughter that she can easily understand. Next is the part called "Family Fun". This is my daughter's favorite part, she likes that it gives us an activity we all participate in and it's something fun. Some activities are done as a family, and some are done individually then shared with the family. Another similar part of your week is called "Weekly Challenge". Each week your family works on a new activity. These are sometimes things that you do together, and some you can do on your own. It can be anything from a service project to silly games, but they are all ways to make memories along the way. And finally there's a "Remember" section that tells you where you can find more about your weeks topic in the Bible and a "Checkpoint" spot that asks if you were able to complete your weekly challenge.

Alongside my new book I also got to check out The Bible Is My Best Friend: 365 Days flip book. With this handy daily flip book you'll be able to start off each day right. At the start of each week you'll be presented with a Bible verse to memorize (which just so happens to be the same one in the family devotional book). Then each proceeding day there's a little fact or question to go along with the verse. I love that the two compliment each other so well. Between the two you have a way to connect as a family everyday. Both are un-dated so you can actually start anytime no matter what time of year it is. But with New Year's Day just around the corner there's no time like the present!

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