Stacy Tilton Reviews: Mark your calendar for National Cookie Day this Friday!

Wednesday, December 2

Mark your calendar for National Cookie Day this Friday!

Mark your calendars because this Friday is National Cookie Day! My daughter and I have already been planning out what cookies we are going to be making for a family gathering we have on Saturday. But now that I've seen these awesome ideas I think we may be switching a few of them!

Need some inspiration? Check out this awesome recipes all featuring Country Crock.

Ginger Spice Holiday Cookies – Get in the holiday spirit with these goodies that combine cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg for a flavor kick. Top them off with frosting and sprinkles for decoration!

Chocolate Crinkles – These chewy chocolate morsels topped with confectioners’ sugar look as though they’ve just been dusted by snow.

Fun Crispy Treats – With just four ingredients, these rice crispy treats take only 13 minutes to make and you can add melted chocolate and candies for a holiday twist!

Zebra Chocolate Chip Cookies – Spice up your chocolate chip cookies with “zebra drizzle,” that adds some festive flair to your favorite cookie.

Cinnamon Stars – Add some sparkle to any soiree with these cookies that are sprinkled with a blend of sugar and cinnamon.   

Walnut Moons – A perfect complement to the Cinnamon Stars are these walnut-flavored cookies in the shape of little moons.

Country Crock is a buttery spread that is the go-to ingredient for baking. Country Crock is part of the good fat family and made with real, simple ingredients, including delicious oils, purified water, and a pinch of salt.

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