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If you're hosting a holiday get together I have some unique treats that might be perfect for you. I know when they arrived at my house they were both well received. I actually had to threaten my husband and kids to stay away from the Santa Cookie Cake so I could use it for our dinner with family later in the week. It was a long few days, but I am happy to report they did behave and Santa didn't get devoured before dinner. After dinner...well, that's a totally different story. The popcorn on the other hand we enjoyed it spread out over several evenings as well as at a movie night we had friends over for. It was actually quite funny because I dumped a few bags into bowls and didn't tell our friends it was flavored popcorn. It was fun to see the look on their face when they realized what it was. We even had a little extra fun doing a guessing game to see if they could figure out what the flavorings were. The Holiday Dinner Party Popcorn Sampler is great for having fun with guests during dinner or at a movie night for sure!

Santa Cookie Cake
Make this season extra sweet with this delightful Christmas treat! We've loaded this 12-inch cookie cake with rich chocolate chips and hand decorated with sweet frosting, creating a holiday dessert that's impossible to resist!

Holiday Dinner Party Popcorn Sampler
Enjoy all the tastes of a holiday dinner...without having to wash single dish afterwards! We've used our handcrafted gourmet popcorn to recreate the flavors of festive favorites, like succulent Turkey, creamy Mashed Potatoes, and tart Cranberry Sauce. And since no dinner is complete without dessert, this collection also boasts sweet flavors, like classic Apple Pie, creating a delicious gift that's sure to add a little more fun to any holiday celebration!

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