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Give them the gift of a Green BEAN Delivery

Green BEAN Delivery is a convenient way to enjoy organic, natural, and local groceries. It's basically a full-service grocery store, offering thousands of items, such as cage-free eggs, pasture-raised meats, old-fashioned milk & dairy, locally-baked bread, GMO-free snacks, and much more.

By requesting a delivery through Green BEAN you get quality fresh foods delivered right to your door. You get to pick the foods you want for your bin so you only receive things you and your family will eat. This is so much better than programs that just auto-ship you a pre-determined package that you can't customize. Plus you can leave it the same and have it shipped over and over, or change it anytime you like. I wasn't home when my son opened our bin so the above photo was all that I was able to get of our bin. But as you can see the food is packed inside of a green bin that's lined with a foam cooler and it has ice packs inside it also to ensure your foods are kept cool until you can transfer them to your refrigerator. I have to say I was very pleased with the foods that came in my bin. They were all ripe and ready to eat quality. I mostly got fruits and veggies in our bin because I knew we would use them all, and I already had enough of the other foods they offer on hand from my regular grocery shopping.

Green BEAN Delivery is a local food hub that offers more than 1,500 organic produce and natural groceries (grown and produced locally whenever possible) to Indy members and surrounding areas. Membership is easy, flexible and risk-free. You can customize your orders online to get exactly what you want – anything from yummy organic snacks to hearty, healthy meals. It's an affordable, convenient and fun way for the whole family to support local and feel good about what you’re eating.

With Green BEAN Delivery you can even share the gift of food and give a gift certificate to someone on your Christmas list for them to create their own bin.

Green BEAN delivery services parts of Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee.
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