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DIY Animal Christmas Ornaments with a little help from Oriental Trading

My daughter loves to do crafts so we often work together to come up with ideas of crafts for her Girl Scout troop. With Christmas approaching we decided it would be fun to do some DIY Christmas ornaments with the girls. It seems like everyone already does the applesauce ornaments and the ones with their photo inside so we wanted to do something a little different. After a little browsing around different places for ideas we settled on making animal ornaments. We tested out our project idea at home before taking it to the meeting and it worked great! We did find out however that only the smaller poms fit inside the ornaments so we decided to do them as well as feathers so the girls could choose which they wanted.

The girls all had a great time stuffing their ornaments and adding on the details for the animals faces (or wings). I had gotten ceramic markers from Oriental Trading to write on the glass ornaments and they worked perfectly. The ink dried almost instantly so it didn't rub off on their hands which was an added bonus. Each of the girls made an ornament using their own creativity and I have to say I was quite impressed with some of them. Some of the animals they made were a bird, cat, bunny, lion, frog, flaming, and peacock. They really are a creative bunch. And I'm happy to report that with a group of 11 girls goofing around while they were being creative not a single glass ornament got broken! That's more than I can say for the wiggly eyes that were found pretty much everywhere. But hey, that's what fun and creativity are all about.

Products used to decorate the ornaments:
Glitter PomsTiny Poms & Feathers to fill them.
Christmas Ribbon to tie at the top.
Wiggly Eyes for the animals to see.
Ceramic Markers to draw the animals faces (or wings).
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