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Treat phantom pains and anxieties with Magic Feel Good #placeboeffect

Having two children has taught me so much over the years. One of those things is that by some amazing miracle my daughter seems to have the same ailments as my son at the same time. After the first few rounds I did catch on and realized she wasn't really sick, or having the same pains as him (or her dad in one case) she just wanted the same attention he was getting. I can actually remember one time after her brother went to the doctor about his ear aches and had a hearing test she all the sudden started having ear aches too. She even went as far as to say she couldn't hear very well and maybe she needed a hearing test too. It was at that moment I realized what was happening. If only I had a box of Magic Feel Good back then. She's one of those kids that believes everything I tell her (at least for now) and I know this would have been a great way to help divert her attention.

When we received the Magic Feel Good to try out I actually did give her one when she came home from school complaining that her knees hurt.. Actually this was the ailment she got from her dad having knee surgery. I figured it was just from playing on the playground since she didn't fall or anything to cause her pain. I hate to give her OTC medication when it's not really necessary. So I gave her one of the pills and told her to come back later if it was still bothering her. And magically (or by forgetting about it) she was fine the rest of the evening and didn't return with anymore complaints. It was kind of a relief being able to offer her what she thought she needed "a feel good pill" and a little acknowledgement and attention, and not having to give her medicine she didn't really need.

What is the Placebo Effect?
The Placebo Effect is a remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo – a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, water, or saline – can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful. Expectation plays a significant role in the placebo effect – the more a person believes they are going to benefit from a treatment, the more likely it is that they will experience a benefit.

So next time your little one suddenly has a tummy ache or a phantom pain when they hear their sibling has one pull out the box of Magic Feel Good and help them feel better while giving them something that's actually good for them too.

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