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Taking things on the go is a breeze with Thirty-One

I do several different types of crafting activities outside of my home and am always needing basic supplies for them. Before I had just been grabbing things off my desk and dropping them into a tote bag. And as you can imagine a few times that wasn't the best solution as things got jumbled up and glue leaked out where I really didn't want it to be. With my new Double Duty Caddy I can take my crafting supplies with me and keep them upright as they belong. It makes a nice way to set them out on a table to share with others too because I don't have to take everything out to see what's inside. I was actually quite surprised at how many different things I was able to put in my caddy and take with me. I had a stapler, scissors, glue, markers, tape measure, a box of paper clips, baggie of rubber bands, and some different colors of ribbon for a project we were working on. I've actually purchased an extra set of some things so I can just keep a set in my caddy so I always know where they are.

The Double Duty Caddy can also be used for things like a diaper caddy for your living room or car, cleaning supplies, snacks and things in the car, and many other ways to help you organize at home and on the go.

One of my new favorites is the On The Double Set. It's a dual-sided cooler that you can even put ice inside of. This is a new feature of some of the Thirty-One coolers that I'm really loving. Sometimes I forget to put my freezer packs in before heading to a picnic or taking snacks on trips and being able to put actual ice in my cooler and knowing it won't leak is a definite plus. Wondering why they call it On The Double? That's because this unique bag has two sides to it. You can use them zipped together for two-compartment cooler, or you can zip them apart and use them separately. You get a long carrying strap that can be used across both bags, or with just one of the bags. This is nice because sometimes I only need the smaller bag to carry juice boxes to my daughter's Girl Scout meetings and don't have to lug around a large cooler to do so.

Illustrated in my photo above you'll find a top view of the bag both closed and open. The the next two photos show the front of the bag with both compartments together as well as one end of the bag where you can attach the carrying strap. The final two photos shows that the smaller bag can actually fit inside of the larger bag to save space when you're done using them (or together they even fold down fairly well too). And what the smaller side looks like zipped off of the larger side.

If you know me you already know I'm a purse person. I love purses of all sorts small or large. I can find a way to use them no matter what size they are. With the Everything Crossbody I can keep my valuables close to me when going on field trips with my daughter's class or even on Girl Scout outings. I hate taking my purse with all of my credit cards and other things in it on trips because I don't really need them and always fear something happening to them. With this purse I can actually wear it across my body (hence the name Crossbody) and keep what I do carry close to me. I like it because I can participate in activities and not worry about my purse slipping off my shoulder.

I actually took it with me a few weeks ago on a trip to Exploration Acres a pumpkin patch and maze in our town for a Girl Scouts trip. I loved being able to carry things right there with me and not having to worry about my big heavy purse. I actually used one of the outside pockets to hold two bottles of water I had wrapped in paper towel. And I used the inside for snacks, my camera, and a few smaller things we got at the gift shop. It was the perfect size and I didn't have to dump out my usual purse to make room to be able to carry all the things I really needed for the trip. Plus I got a ton of compliments and questions from other moms on the trip about my purse and where I got it!

You can shop for these and other great products from Thirty-One through their website.
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