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Flowers Galore means lots of crafting fun!

As I've mentioned before I help out from time to time with my daughter's Girl Scouts Troop meetings. I enjoy doing crafts with them and it gives their leader a break too. Right now the girls are working on a badge involving flowers so I thought it would be fun to do a couple of flower themed crafts with them. One of the crafts I picked out for them was a kit to make their own Flower Lei. I thought this would be cool because they girls got to use their own creativity to choose what colors of flowers to do and in what pattern. The other craft was for a Flower Bouquet in a Pot. This one also allowed them to use their creativity. It was neat to see how the girls paired up the foam flowers to make them multiple colors/shapes. And as always no meeting is complete without a snack so I picked out some Flower Pops to finish off the flower theme.

The girls all really enjoyed the crafts and by the end of the meeting there were flowers all over the table and floor...and even the girls. Some of them had made flower hair bows out of the foam flowers and used the pipe cleaners to twist them into their hair. Of course since some of the foam pieces were sticky they had those stuck on themselves too. They were definitely all having a good time, and they were able to express their creativity through the process. As we were doing the crafts I gave them some flower facts and other information they needed to go towards their badge. Then at the end I asked questions and that's how they "earned" their flower pops treats.

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