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Round Brushed Stainless Steel Step Trash Can #Stainlesstrashcan5l

My son has a bad habit of not emptying his bathroom trash can often enough so our kitten gets the tissues out of it and plays with them. Disgusting right!? So I was proud to present him with this trash can to replace his open top trash can. Now he can throw away tissues and things and then the cat can't get to them. It's a win-win for everyone because he doesn't get yelled and I don't have to clean up shredded tissues all over my house.

As for the features of the trash can itself I am impressed with just how nice it looks. The stainless steel finish is nice and shiny and it looks good with the black accents. My son likes that he doesn't have to touch the trash can to open it he can just step on the foot pedal and it opens. The hinge works very well and opens the trash can with little effort then automatically closes when you take your foot off the pedal.

Inside the trashcan is a removable plastic container that you can take out and clean if you need to. There's also a metal piece that you can use to secure a trash sack in it.

Buy it: You can purchase the Estilo Round Brushed Stainless Steel Step Trash Can on Amazon.
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