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Cosmetic Containers with Lids #cosmeticjar

I recently started dabbling around with making different things using my essential oils and have been thinking about making some lip balms and scrubs as well as some hand creams/balms. These 5 and 10 gram clear plastic jars are perfect for those things because they are nice and small and portable.

I like that the jars are all clear so you can easily see not only what's inside, but also how much is left in the container. Unlike the ones that are solid white and you have to take the top off to see what's inside and how much. These jars are very nice quality and the lids are easy to twist off and then back on. They line up well so they don't leave any gaps when screwed on all the way so no worries of your contents leaking out if you store them in your purse.

You can purchase both of these sizes of cosmetic jars on Amazon:

Cosmetic Containers with Lids 5 Gram - 50 Count

Cosmetic Containers with Lids 10 Gram - 25 count
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