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"Party Like it's Your Birthday" at Chuck E. Cheese's

We recently had the opportunity to visit our local Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant and have to say we had a blast. We participated in a "Party Like it's Your Birthday" event and got the complete birthday party package treatment. From the moment we walked in the front doors and the manager greeted my kids by name till the time we left we felt like we were at a real party!

Booking a party is super easy (I actually did this for my kids birthday a few years back) to do online. You go through a step-by-step process from how many in your party, to the date, and of course what party package you want for each child. Each package has all the basics (like tokens, beverages, pizza, etc), but the bigger ones include more party favors. With a birthday party you get two hours of "party time" that includes your own table space and a dedicated hostess. I have to say our hostess was phenomenal. She gave us the full party experience and even played some games with my daughter.

Now to share with you some of the fun things we did while at our party. Once we were checked in at the door we were taken to our table by the party hostess she explained the whole birthday party process to us. Then she took our food and drink orders to get the party officially started. We checked out all the goodies at the table first of course before heading over to play some games. Our party package included cool cut-outs for us girls to become princesses and my son to become super Chuck E. for our special day. I think my daughter was a little more excited about this than my son, but he played along. From there we headed over to the game area.

While we were waiting on the pizza we had time to play games and enjoy some fun time as a family. This is one of my favorite parts because it allows us parents to be kids too and play games alongside our children. My daughter and I "rode a roller coaster" while my husband and son played football. Of course we all played individual games, and even did some fun photos so we would have something to take home with us.

Once the food was ready our hostess let us know to meet her back at the table so we could eat while it was hot. She served us all up a slice and then allowed us some time to eat before the next phase of the party started. Once we were done eating it was time for Chuck E. Cheese himself to arrive. He did his special song and dance where he passes out tickets to everyone at the end. It was nice that they do something that includes the entire store before they head over to your party so that other kids get to see him too.

Then he made his way to our table and did a dance with us. Then he sang happy birthday to the kids (awesome photo op time). Once we were done with Chuck E. the hostess served up the cake and we had our dessert before the final phase of the party.

Then the final part of the party was to check out the ticket blaster. And let me tell you if you've never seen it in action it's pretty awesome. It's so awesome that we all had to take a shot at it! I had it set up for the kids and myself to try it out, but the manager even convinced my husband to give it a whirl. It was so much fun. And in case you're wondering my husband was the one to snag the 1000 ticket bonus prize out of the ticket blaster! Guess it was a good thing he was the last one to try it out.

And of course once we were all done with the party we had to feed all of the tickets we had won from games and caught in the ticket blaster into the machine that counts them. We took our printed ticket count over to the prize counter and my daughter picked out her prizes. She ended up with a bracelet kit to make her own jewelry and a cute little stuffed kitty. Needless to say she left there one very happy little girl.

If you've never been to a Chuck E. Cheese's I'd say you definitely should check it out...even if you don't have kids it's a ton of fun for adults too! The food was very good (we ate two whole large pizzas) and the atmosphere is awesome too.
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