Stacy Talks & Reviews: Nature’s Recipe is Affordable and Healthy for your pets #NaturesRecipe @NaturesRecipe @PetSmart #ad

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Nature’s Recipe is Affordable and Healthy for your pets #NaturesRecipe @NaturesRecipe @PetSmart #ad

This post is sponsored by Nature’s Recipe and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Nature’s Recipe available at PetSmart but Mom in Training only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nature’s Recipe and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

As a long time multiple cat owner I know how important it is to feed my fur babies food that's good for them. I can remember one time my husband brought home a bag of store brand generic cat food and my cats wouldn't even touch it. That right there tells you something when a cat won't even eat food that's marketed as being cat food. When I pick up food for my cats I don't just buy the cheapest food out there, I want something that will help them live active and healthy lives. I also want to make sure they have the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. But as you know sometimes buying foods that are healthy whether for yourself or for your pet it can be pricey. Thankfully I recently discovered Nature’s Recipe® for cats. Nature’s Recipe® offers pet owners an affordable and healthy pet food option that won't break the bank.

After seeing how my sweet little Fiona reacted when I brought home a bag of Nature's Recipe I'm convinced that there must be something pretty special inside of the bag. I couldn't smell anything (yes I did pick up the bag and sniff it), but apparently cats have a stronger sense of smell because she knew there was something in that bag that was for her. And as you can see she tuckered herself out trying to figure out how to get inside and try it out before her mamma had a chance to even open it. Of course she only managed to put a few kitty sized teeth holes in it before opting to take a nap and wait for me to open it for her. The funny thing was this wasn't the first time I'd left a bag of unopened cat food on the floor, but it was the first time my cat tried to get inside of the bag on her own. To me that says something about what's inside the bag and the quality of the food that made my cat so interested in it. With Nature’s Recipe I'm able to make that step up in pet food nutrition without a steep step up in cost. Sometimes we just need to listen to our pets and their reaction to different foods. Just like we know when something we are eating is good or bad so do they.

For more than 30 years, Nature’s Recipe has provided pet owners with a way to affordably provide their pets with ideal nutrition drawn from nature's inherent goodness. When it comes to your pet’s needs, they craft their recipes to make sure every ingredient counts. Nature’s Recipe is available online via and at your local PetSmart store.

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