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Gifts for those creative kids on your list! #HolidayGiftGuide

My kids are the kind that like to build and create things with their hands. And they are also both very creative so they enjoy activities where they have the ability to express themselves too. With the 3D Art Studio and Pinblock sets they have the ability to do just that. My daughter is one that likes to do things on her own so I've been sitting back and watching her working with the 3D pen and trying to figure out how it all works. So far she's only done 3D art that's simple and small, but I know before long she will get enough confidence to create larger creations too. My son snatched up the Pinblock set as soon as he saw that it was a building set. He made the Silver Falcon on the box, then tore it apart so he could build something he wanted. He keeps interest in things like this when he can create on his own. As a mom I love interactive sets like these where my kids can fully express their creativity and make things that aren't from a drawing on paper. It shows them it's okay to be different and because they aren't following a pattern they can't "do it wrong" and feel like they messed up.

IDO3D 5-Pen 3D Art Studio
IDO3D is the leader in kids’ 3D art, using technology to bring amazing artwork to life! Kids can create 3D art by simply drawing, connecting and constructing designs using IDO3D’s 3D printing technology! These specially crafted drawing pens contain 3D printing ink that magically transforms liquid into solid in just seconds; just shine the IDO3D spotlight on your awesome creation! Kids can use the familiar form factor of pen to draw numerous designs, either from their own imagination or from the 3D Guidebooks that are included with each set. IDO3D is safe, affordable, easy to use and has forever changed the way kids can create beautiful art.

Pinblock gives builders loads of new possibilities because all sets have one piece that can twist, turn, stack or lay flat, allowing for non-stop 3D building. Because each Pinblock piece is the same and each set comes with enough pieces to satisfy any idea, the unique round connecting pins allow for building planes, buildings, utilities, wearable gadgets and more! Unlike any other building toy, the pixel-like quality of Pinblock allows the maker to easily explore, design and create gorgeous pixelated artwork that the world has yet to see. Follow the Pinblock Red/Blue Fusion Jet or Silver Falcon manual or start from scratch and use your imagination with the Pinblock Freestyle set. This set comes without any instructions, but with a greater variety of colors and more pieces. What can you build?

Buy it: You can purchase the IDO3D 5-Pen 3D Art Studio and Pinblock sets online.
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