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Express yourself with HP Social Media Snapshots #StickAPic

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with HP and MomSelect.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I've been helping out with my daughter's Girl Scouts Troop meetings and wanted to do something fun with the girls that would help teach them about expressing their true feelings. Feelings are something many girls in her age group (9-11) sometimes have difficulty sharing with others. Through the activity I planned I talked to the girls about feelings and how it's okay to share them with their Girl Scout "sisters". And that's it's okay to be silly, sad, mad, afraid, you name it and not have to feel like others will tease you for it. As part of this I had each of the girls do a photo of themselves alone with whatever expression they wanted to show a feeling. And then we did a second photo with a friend showing how they feel with their friends. And of course we did a few extras with groups of girls together just having some fun. I wanted to make sure they all had a some photos to take home and stick somewhere they wanted.

Through use of the HP Social Media Snapshots App (available in the iTunes Store or Google Play) you first choose a photo either from your camera roll (which I did to protect the girls privacy) or from one of your connected social media accounts. Then you can move the photo so it's centered on the photo layout, and you can choose your border. For this activity I picked the "clean" border because I planned to use the white space at the bottom for the girls to write their feeling they were expressing in the photo. There are a bunch of really cute ones though. I actually did several of the summer one to print photos at home. I even used a few of them I printed to decorate my laptop cover.

Once you've picked the photo and picked your border you use the special HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper to print them out wirelessly on your printer. The paper is 4" x 5" just like the old Polaroid instant photos I'm sure you can all remember. And it's extra special because the back peels off to reveal a sticky surface that's actually re-stickable on most surfaces. Of course if you attach it to paper like we did it's going to be pretty much stuck for good. The girls used their photos to make "Sometimes I feel" posters to help them think about all of the ways they feel. After we were done they all took their posters (and extra photos) home with them to share with their families. The girls kept telling me how much fun it was and where they were going to stick up their extra pictures they had once they got home.

Want to try it out for yourself? HP Social Media Snapshots 4" x 5" Sticky Back Photo Paper is available at Staples.

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