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Check out the NFL Shop for the latest in ladies team apparel

With football season in full swing it seems like that's all that gets talked about at the dinner table in my house lately. Whose playing when and who is going to beat who, and by how much. I will admit I had no interest or idea about anything football until my daughter started taking interest when her dad would watch a game. I felt like I should make the effort to listen and learn since even she was taking notice. Of course as a female into fashion my first step was to get myself some team apparel. You know a girl has to look good (even if she has no idea what's going on). I started off wearing one of my husbands shirts, but that wasn't good enough for me. It was time to find something made for a lady so it fit right, and looked good of course.

A great place to shop for team apparel is the NFL Shop because they carry apparel not just for the guys, but for the girls too. Heck they even recently came out with a line of maternity shirts called Touch by Alyssa Milano. I have to say there are some super cute shirts in the line I definitely would have rocked when I was pregnant with my kids. But since I'm a seasoned mom I of course am leaning towards a more traditional look that I can wear both at home, and out with my husband.

Here's a few of the basic ladies apparel pieces I found that caught my eye (Yes even though we live in Indiana we are Patriots fans, it's my husband's hometown):

Courtside Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $44.99 // Drop Needle Sweater - $74.99

Empire T-Shirt - $33.99 // Halfback Scoop T-Shirt - $39.99

So tell me, what do you think? I'm thinking maybe I need a long sleeve and a short sleeve shirt. You never know what the temperature will be, plus if I get a short sleeved shirt I could always use that as a lead in to needing a jacket or hoodie.
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