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Klean Kanteen® the hydration bottle of choice for Back to School

Klean Kanteen® was the world's first BPA-free metal hydration bottle. A little tid bit I have learned from exploring their website. I thought that was pretty interesting. In a world today that's filled with so many dangers lurking in our foods and our food/beverage containers that's a little bit of reassurance. It's nice to know that a company is out there that cares, and has cared for over ten years. We've actually owned several Klean Kanteen® bottles over the years and have all of them still. They are very well made and durable so it's not something you'll use for a year and then toss out. I've had lids that got tossed in the garbage on accident, but that didn't keep me from holding onto the bottles until a new lid could be ordered. That's actually one of my favorite parts, is that their lids are universal so they fit all sizes of bottles. Plus you can choose when you order if you want a a loop cap (like the one in the photo above), or a sport cap that is more like a water bottle cap that you drink right out of. We have both kinds because we seem to all have our different preferences. My daughter likes to use her bottle to take her favorite beverages to school with her when she packs her lunch. She says the loop cap is her favorite because it has a larger opening for her to drink from at lunch when she's in a hurry. I like the sport cap because I like to have a good cool bottle of water with me on the go and the sport cap makes it easy to grab a quick drink.

We introduced the world's first BPA-free metal hydration bottle in 2004. The grassroots following of our products and company exploded in 2008 when public outcry led to national bans of BPA-laden, polycarbonate containers. Today Klean Kanteen® continues to lead through innovation and example, bringing new products to market that replace plastic with safe, long-life cycle alternatives. The new Reflect Kanteen® eliminates paint and plastic altogether, raising the bar once again.

You can purchase Klean Kanteen® bottles and many other products in their line through their online store and select stores that can be found through their dealer locator.
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