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For natural energy on the go choose Voke

Voke is a natural, portable energy tab with 77mg of caffeine, 2 calories and no artificial sugar or sweetener. It's a way to replace that expensive $3-4 coffee or energy drink easily and save lots in the process. Voke is totally portable because it comes in a convenient and easy to carry tin. Each tin holds seven tabs - one for each day of the week. Voke is perfect for those days that you feel like you're running on empty and need a quick pick-me-up. I gave my tin to my husband to carry in his lunch bag at work because some days he works 10-11 hours and if he's had a late night before it's tough on him. He's used the Voke tabs a few times now and was happy with the results. He said it gave him the boost he needed and was super convenient because he just popped the tab in his mouth and kept going. He didn't have to stop and open an energy drink and guzzle it down.

You can get Voke through a one time order, or through a subscription on the Voke website.
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