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Morphology - The Hilarious Guessing Board Game

Morphology reminds me of Pictionary gone 3D. You basically make whatever word is on your card out of the included pieces instead of drawing them for team members to guess what they are. You start out by picking a card that will tell you what word you have to create with the included pieces. Then you try your best with the pieces to make the word through shapes, actions, you name it. You have one minute for your team to guess the word to win that round. The first team to reach the lily pad wins. This is another one of those "make you laugh" sort of games. It can really be a ton of fun moving the pieces around to simulate things in action. It helped me see just how creative we all can be when we want to win! This is just one of the cool games available from

• The hilarious guessing game where creativity wins
• Pick it • Build it • Animate it • Guess it
• The first team to reach the final lily pad wins
• Watch out; there are a lot of surprises along the way

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