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Don't get SQUASHED!

If you're tired of playing all of the same old board games then it's time to check out SQUASHED. SQUASHED is a totally unique game like nothing we've ever played before and my kids loved it. I think it was because they could "squash" each other's players if you ask me. I thought it was fun because it was so interactive. The object of the game is to strategically eliminate the other person's pawns before they eliminate yours. You do this by rolling the dice and using your moves to either land on or pass over the top of a players pawn to "squash" it.  You can even squash an entire side of the cube by moving your pawn next to the king piece. I thought this part was fun because you have to decide sometimes if you want to squash one of your own pawns to get rid of multiple opponents pawns. It's a fun game that will have everyone laughing. This is just one of the cool games available from

• Watch out, you may get SQUASHED
• Roll the die and strategically eliminate other players
• Be the last player with a pawn on the SQUASHED cube

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