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Keep it cool this summer with a Vacuum Insulated 64oz Growler

With the summer heat in full swing now's the time you need a reliable beverage container that will keep your cool drinks...well cool. I love that this Vacuum Insulated 64oz Growler does just that. I used it when we headed to the local state park for an afternoon out to keep our lemonade cold for our lunch. The lid easily screws off so you can fill it with your favorite beverage (hot or cold) and it will do the job of keeping it the temperature you like. I filled it in the morning before we left and by afternoon when we opened it to have lunch it was still nice and cold. I was so excited. Finally a way to transport drinks made at home to the park without having to use coolers and ice or individual beverages. I am looking forward to using this in the winter too when we go out sledding to put hot cocoa in so we can warm up while we are playing in the snow!

Introducing the Vacuum Insulated 64oz Growler.  Designed for craft beer, but for so much more. Protects Beer from being lightstruck - blocking harmful UV rays keeps beer from having a skunky flavor. Passivated Interior - Keeps beer tasting like beer and not the container it is kept in. Naturally Bacteria Resistant - Once Stainless Steel is cleaned it will stay clean.  No bacteria will grow on its surface. Does not retain odors - Stainless body does not absorb any flavors of contents.

Although this growler is excellent for holding beer it works just as well for any other type of beverage such as ice tea and lemonade.  The vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold for up to 48 hours at a time.  The air tight closure holds carbonation in.  It can keep beverages hot for 12 hours at a time.

Product dimensions: 4.9" W x 11.7" H

Buy it: You can purchase the 64oz Vacuum Growler online now.

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  1. Thanks for the review! This would be so handy for helping me get in my daily water intake while I'm pregnant.

  2. Good review. Have a similar one from swizerland (not sure the brand) an its great.

  3. I know someone in my family who this would be great to get for a birthday or Christmas. I really like how it protects the beer from getting ruined. Great product!

  4. So cool!! I love that it could hold any carbonated beverage!! Would be perfect for hubby who likes to take soda with him everywhere!!

  5. I'd love to use this to keep my drink cold! I'd use it for water!


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