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Make mine a Hungry Girl Originals Pizza

Hungry Girl Originals is a great low calorie option for having individual pizzas at home. All of their pizzas are 280 calories or less. One of the things I really like about the pizzas was that they didn't come out of the oven all covered in grease like some brands do. They came out nice and crisp and oh so yummy!

You can get Hungry Girl Originals pizzas in spiced turkey pepperoni and cheese. I opted to get both since I was sharing them with my kids. We took them home, heated up the oven, then baked them according to package directions and the result was nicely melted cheese, cute little pepperonis, and a thin crispy crust. I wasn't sure if the kids would like the sprouted-grain crust, but they actually really did. They said it had a different taste to it, but in a good way. I was impressed because they can be a bit on the picky side. I was glad to hear that something that was good for them met their approval and they actually liked it. These are a great option when you need something quick for lunch and don't want to turn to unhealthy junk foods.

From the kitchens of Hungry Girl Originals comes the delicious, portion-controlled pizza you've been waiting for! With a crispy sprouted-grain crust, real Wisconsin cheese, and zesty marinara sauce, this pizza is perfect for any occasion. Take it to the office for lunch or serve it to your family on pizza night! The best part? Each individual pizza is high in fiber with 280 calories or less!

Buy it: You can find a Meijer location near you through the Hungry Girl store locator.
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