Stacy Talks & Reviews: Make Father's Day memories with Photo Gifts from Mixbook & Mosaic

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Make Father's Day memories with Photo Gifts from Mixbook & Mosaic

Mixbook has you covered with a wide range of customizable products perfect for remembering Father’s Day. Mixbook’s Father’s Day card collection includes various templates, where you can personalize with your own photos straight  from your computer and create a one of a kind card that will be cherished. Click to see more templates and themes.

Another great option for Father’s Day that Mixbook has to offer is Mosaic. Mosaic is a fast, easy to use app that anyone can download on their smart phone.

The award-winning Mosaic (Left) takes 20 photos from your Apple or Android device and allows you to create a physical photo book in minutes. It is the fastest photo book you’ll ever make.

For $30, pick 20 photos and your book will arrive right to your doorstep within a few days. It’s quick, inexpensive, stunning and thoughtful. Video: Watch Mixbook’s Mosaic in action: or visit

If you are interested in making a photo book that is a little bigger, and can include more photos then take a look at Mixbook’s high quality keepsake book Montage.

These would all be the perfect way to memorialize your Father's Day memories. Snap some photos with dad then go home and create a gift to remember the day and present him with a little something special later!
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