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It's go time with Reusable Coffee Cups & Water Bottles from Reduce

I'm one of those that likes to always have something cold to drink in my hand on the way out the door when it starts getting warm out. But I don't always have the luxury of spare time to make myself a beverage, and don't like to spend unnecessarily on disposable bottle beverages either. That's why I was super excited to learn about the WaterWeek line of reusable water bottles. It's called WaterWeek because it's a set of five  bottles that's perfect to have ready for each day of your work week. The bottles are BPA free and dishwasher safe so they are safe for drinking beverages out of and easy to clean between fill-ups.  I like that they come with a nice little tray that slides into the refrigerator. I wasn't sure about this at first, but once I filled them up and got them in the fridge I fell in love. I was afraid if I lifted one bottle the whole thing would come up with it, but with the others full the tray stays flat on the shelf. This is a great set to have water (or other cold beverages) on hand for a moments notice. I can even slip one into my purse because it's so nice and tall it fit in my outside pocket.

I also really like my new set of GoGo's coffee cups. GoGo's are single serve barista style coffee cups that easily stack up saving you lots of space in your cabinet. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe making them a great go-to source for safety and convenience.  I like that they fit perfectly under the dispenser part of my single serve coffee maker unlike some travel mugs that can be just a little bit to tall. Now I can brew and go right away too because they have nice insulated sleeves to keep you from having to hold onto a hot mug. The other great part is you can interchange all of the parts and make your cups all one color, two colors, or even three colors to match your mood.

Buy it: You can purchase these and other Reduce products through their online store.
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