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Cool off with some Homemade Zoku Ice Pops!

Summer will be here before you know it and I know in my house that means it's time to start making ice pops! My kids like to make them at home so they can make whatever flavor they like. I like it because I can monitor how much sugar is actually in those ice pops. And I can even make them with fruit juice and diced up fruit bits too. The Zoku Classic Pop Molds are perfect for doing that because they are a nice size and they are all individual pops so you can pull them out to look through and see what's inside before you pick which one you want. You just fill the individual cups with the juice of your choice to the fill line, then freeze them for around eight hours (I normally just do them overnight), and finally the when the pops are ready you run a little hot water over them and the sleeve slides right off. They are super easy to clean up after use too, and because they are individual pops you can refill them right after you use them if you like.

A really fun product from Zoku is their Zoku Character Pops line. With these you make individual pops in a shaped mold. Same process, but you are only filling one individual silicone mold. After they are frozen the pops are very easy to remove. And they come with a stick that has a built-in drip guard. Perfect for younger children to help keep the pop from melting and dripping all down their hands. I was sent a bunny and a turtle mold for my kids and they were both super cute. someone ate the turtle on me before I could snap a photo so I only got one of the bunny. But you can see from the picture above just how cute they are and how nice of a shaped pop they make. These were also very easy to clean after we took the pops out. You just run some hot water inside the mold and any left behind juice comes right out.

Buy it: You can purchase these and other Zoku pop makers through their online store.
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