Stacy Tilton Reviews: Awesome Creations are happening at LEGOLAND!

Tuesday, May 26

Awesome Creations are happening at LEGOLAND!

Can you imagine taking the time to build something out of 30 billion LEGO bricks? LEGOLAND California did just that when it built New York City in the park’s Miniland USA.

Or did you know that The Albert Einstein was one of the first and largest LEGO models built in LEGOLAND, Florida? How does one go about building these creations? What is the planning process? How long does it take? The wondrous art and science of building life size LEGO brick creations has captured the awe of many across the world. So much so that LEGOLAND has put together an infographic of statistics that LEGOLAND enthusiasts (and even those less familiar) are sure to enjoy.

Find out for yourself the facts on the awesome LEGOLAND creations here:

As an adult I'm even mesmerized by the creations being made out of LEGO bricks!

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  1. This looks so fun--I'd really like to take my son there.