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Show your pets you love them with products from Loving Pets

I'll be the first to admit that I'm one of those people that treats their pets like they are a part of the family. To me they are like little kids that love attention and deserve it. They like to run around and play just like my kids and of course want attention and love like they do too. And that means they also deserve to have a soft place to rest their heads. I was sent a goDog Bedzzz™ but it was way to small for our big ole Shepard/lab mix dog. So I took the opportunity to treat our kitties. And as you can see from the photo they love their new super soft bed! I laid it up in the windowsill of our bay window and let me tell you pretty much every day you can find at least one, if not both of them laying on it resting peacefully. The best part is that it's fully machine washable so I can just toss it in the washer when it starts to get too furry.
goDog™ BedZzz™
Featuring goDog's signature durable mesh lining and double stitched seems, goDog Bedzzz™ with Chew Guard Technology are designed for naughty nibblers with a taste for cozy plush. Offering a unique option for pet parents who frequently replace destroyed bedding, Bedzz™ are available in 6 sizes to fit any dog breed. Bedzzz™ feature a 30-day guarantee if the bed does not last longer than a standard dog bed. Featuring soft material with tough backing, the beds are designed for use in crates, carriers, or as stand-alone sleeping mats. Its Chew Guard™ mesh lining creates a sturdy barrier, while a soft faux lambskin cover with plush bolster adds snuggle-worthy comfort. The entire bed is machine washable for ultimate convenience.

Bedzzz™ are available in 6 sizes (XS-XL), 2 styles (Double Plush Bolster and Shag Bolster), and a total of 4 neutral colors to match any home decor. “Shag Bolster” style offers: Bolster Tan and Bolster Cocoa, while “Bubble Plush Style” offers Bubble Grey and Bubble Beige.

I also received a Sherpa® Metropolitan Tote but again it was too small to use with our dog. I tried taking my cat to the vet in it but she was not happy at all about being zipped into a tote bag and ended up clawing up the bottom of it. I fixed up the bottom and passed it along to my neighbor that has a smaller breed dog and she said he loves riding in the car in it. So I can attest that yes it's a great dog carrier, just not so much for a cat.

Sherpa Metropolitan Tote
Sherpa® introduces a new hybrid bag for traveling pets. The Sherpa® Metropolitan combines the best features of a carrier and tote for the ultimate in convenience, comfort, discreetness, and fashion. Available in navy or black with matte gold trim, this stylish tote is built for durability and ease of carrying. SRP:  $49.99

And finally a treat for my pup. I also received some treats from Loving Pets and let me tell you Pete loved them. Once I gave him the first one he was begging for more. Definitely a great way to reward him for good behavior.

Loving Pets Natural Value™ dog treats
MADE IN THE USA! These meaty dog treats are 100% farmed and made in the U.S.A. – proof that healthy, safe U.S.A. made dog treats can be affordable. Cooked on open grilling racks to reduce fat and give them a delicious flavor, Loving Pets Natural Value dog treats are sure to be your dog’s favorite treat. Natural Value Dog Treats are wheat, corn, soy, and gluten free, and contain no by-products. These soft-chew treats are perfect for any age or size dog.
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