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Shop smart with - Check out my awesome new Shrug!

Over the last year or so I've become somewhat of a cardigan/shrug addict. I love how easy they are to pair with so many different types of undershirts. You can wear them with tank tops, short sleeve, or long sleeve shirts. And you can pair them with both solids and patterns underneath. They truly are universal when it comes to making an outfit with them. I recently discovered a really cool place to shop online for clothing, and more specifically cardigans. It's called and it's an online store where you can purchase as little as one item, or if you are in need of multiples of an item you can purchase those at a discounted price. I got the Port Authority Ladies Concept Shrug shown in the photo above recently and couldn't be happier with it. I will note the actual color is a moonlight blue more like the color on the left, I'm not sure what happened with my camera when I took the photo of it off. The shrug features a sloping front hem and button tab sleeves. I think the two options paired together really make it a nice piece and gives it a little extra dressy value. Plus since I got it from the online store there's a very slim chance anyone else I know will be wearing the same thing! is a great place to do a little shopping for personal items when you want the basics, but you also want the quality too. They have tons to offer for the whole family from the kids to your husband, to yourself. You can purchase everyday wear, outerwear, work wear, and even sports apparel. I like that I can do all of my shopping from the comfort of my own home.

Buy it: You can purchase this shrug and more at
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