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My Nutrisystem Journey: Making good choices when dining out #NSNation #ad

One thing I'd like to point out for those that aren't familiar with Nutrisystem is that you can still go out and enjoy a meal at a restaurant. In fact it's a great way to reward yourself, and teach yourself at the same time. I have been to a few restaurants since starting the program and have really learned a lot about what I was previously putting into my body in one sitting. I never paid attention to calories before, but now that I'm on the 1200 calorie program with Nutrisystem I have to always be informed about what I choose to eat. One of my tips for you is to plan ahead if you can when you know you'll be dining out. By that I mean check out the restaurants website for calorie information so you can decide ahead of time what you'll be ordering. Plus if you plan to consume a little more for the meal out you can plan a lighter meal at home that day so you stay in your needed calorie range. And it helps avoid the temptations that are on the menu. Another tip is never be afraid to ask your server to customize your meal for you. Both places I went last week I requested they leave things off my salad so I could make it purely veggies and not have the extra calories being used on it. I never realized before how many calories were taken up by things like cheese and croutons! My salad was just as tasty, and I was able to have a regular meal along with it. So don't think just because you're on Nutrisystem you have to pass up that invitation for a meal out with a friend, just go into it well informed and prepared.

This past week I've worked harder on adding in more exercise. Still didn't get in as much as I had hoped, but I had another week where I was gone four of the five days on errands in the afternoon. I did get exercise walking around places, but not the kind that gets your heart pumping like riding a stationary bicycle. (And let me point out it's not easy to take a photo while peddling!) I'm going to continue to up my exercising this coming week and see if I can't get in my 30 minutes everyday at a higher level of exertion beyond leisure walking. Yes walking is good, but I need more higher level exercise to see the results I'm wanting to.

Over the past week I went from 182 lbs to 179 lbs. I'm feeling good and feel confident that I will continue to lose as long as I follow the program and keep up on my veggie/water intake and exercise. I'm not seeing a ton of difference when I look in the mirror, but it must be happening because I'm seeing it in the numbers on the scale and from others. My mom said she could tell I had lost some weight when we were out this past weekend, and my husband said he has noticed it too. I think sometimes we are more critical of ourselves when looking in the mirror so it's nice to hear it when someone else sees a change. I haven't seen much of a change in my measurements over the last week, but I'm not going to let that change my determination. It may be that I am losing in areas that we don't measure for tracking purposes (I say that because my husband says my bottom is getting it's curvy shape back). I'm going to keep plugging along and it will all happen over time.

Want to know more? You can learn more about Nutrisystem here.

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