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Kid's Maple Tree Tapping Kit #mapletapper

If you've ever had fresh homemade maple syrup then you know just how wonderful it tastes. There's just something about the sweetness and taste of fresh syrup over store packaged syrups. Before I met my husband I had never had anything but store bought maple syrup. Heck I didn't even know there was anything else. Then on a trip back to visit his mom out in New Hampshire we stopped off at a little shop on the side of the road in Vermont and he then introduced me to a whole new world. They had fresh homemade maple syrup, all sorts of maple syrup candies and other goodies. I couldn't believe my eyes, or my mouth when I finally tasted some of them. It was delicious! Ever since I've always made sure when we go to visit or his mom comes to visit us that we make sure to get some homemade syrup.

Now that I have this awesome Kid's Maple Tree Tapping Kit on hand when it's the right time in our area we plan to try tapping some of our own maple so we can make some syrup right at home too! I can't wait to try it out.

Kit includes: Five - plastic 5/16" tree saver tapping spiles, pre-attached to tubing, five - food grade dark blue plastic 36" tapping tubes, one cone shaped maple sap pre-filter; One Children's book, Kid's Guide to Maple Tapping, filled with photos and fun activities.

You can purchase this kit here:
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