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Diffusing made easy with the NebAir Atomizing Oil Diffuser

I'm sure by now you've probably heard at least something about essential oils (if you don't already use them yourself) and about diffusers you can use at home to diffuse the oils into the air in your home. Until now I'd only heard of and uses ones where you add a few drops of oil to water in a diffuser. And that of course meant anytime I wanted to switch between oils I had to unplug the diffuser and wash it out so it didn't mix the new oil in with the old.  Well, with the NebAir Atomizing Oil Diffuser you don't have to worry about adding water, or about the daunting task of switching between oils in the diffuser. Don't get me wrong I love my SpaGlow diffuser and will never give it up, it's perfect for my bedroom and offers a soothing glow when I'm falling asleep. During the day however in my living room I don't really need that added function, I just want a simple diffuser. With the NebAir I have that simplicity. And I can quickly and easily switch from one oil to another without having to clean out the diffuser. It comes with two empty bottles that you can fill with any oil you like, or you can use your existing bottles. However, if you find an oil is too strong for you're liking from the original bottle you can easily dilute it with some fractionated coconut oil in one of the extra bottles. The other great part is how small it is makes it very portable allowing you to take it to any room of your house with ease, or even on trips! It comes with a very simple and easy to follow instruction booklet that gets you diffusing in a matter of minutes. Below are a list of some of the great settings features it has too.

• 48 mode settings
• 4 stage Timer Modes
• 16 Smart Interval Settings
• 64 pre-set Smart Setting Selection
• Up to 120 minutes run time

Buy it: You can find this and many other oil diffuser options on the GreenAir website.

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