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Learning fun with Splash Math #FreeMathApp #MomBuzz

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I wish an app like this was around when my kids were younger. It seems like now days kids are all about anything that has to do with using an iPod or tablet. If I could have put an app like this in my kids hands when they were younger I'm sure they would have been all about playing it too. It has bright colors, fun games, and lots of great interactive sounds to go along with it. All the things young children are interested in and want to play with. I like that the basics are covered in a fun and entertaining way that keeps children wanting to learn more and keep playing.

I love that apps like this one are available for kids to not just explore at home, but learn while they are doing it. My daughter is in 3rd grade and really enjoys doing math problems. And like most kids her age she also likes to play games.  Thanks to Splash Math she can do both at the same time, and be learning useful information in the process. I like that she can use the app on her own and I can track her progress through emails. She likes that she isn't restricted to just one type of game or math skill, she can choose different activities and practice the basics like addition and subtraction all the way up to starting to learn fun stuff like geometry and division. (Yes to her it's fun stuff!) 

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