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Holiday Gift Guide: Relax with the SpaGlow Diffuser

I've been using essential oils for awhile now on myself and my family with great results. Recently I also started using a diffuser to distribute some of the oils into the air of my home. There are some of the oils when diffused that offer a very relaxing aroma. And some of them just add a nice scent to the air. The diffuser I am using right now in my living room is the SpaGlow from Greenair. It's a globe-shaped, blown-glass oil diffuser that gives you a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. With a gentle push with the palm on your hand to the top of the globe it easily turns on. A second push lets lets you choose one of three subtle colors while diffusing. A third push turns the light off while still diffusing and a forth push turns the unit all the way off. It can be used with plain water, or you can add around five drops of essential oils (depending on how strong you like your scents) to the water for aromatherapy benefits. Once activated the oil is converted into micro-fine particles that are then diffused into the air. And the results I have to say are amazing. My daughter actually keeps asking me if she can have the diffuser in her bedroom to use as a night light when she goes to bed. I haven't said yes only because it's glass and I'm afraid the cats may knock it down because they like to climb on her dresser.

Buy it: You can check out the SpaGlow and other diffusers on the Greenair website.
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