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Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Fruit Crisps make great stocking stuffers!

Do your kids like to eat fruit, but you find it hard for them to enjoy on the go? I know mine do, they both love fruit and would eat more of it if they could enjoy it while we are out on errands and on long car rides. But sometimes that's hard to do in fear that it may spoil in the heat or even freeze with the very cold temps we are having right now. And sometimes you just don't have time to pack a cooler, or maybe even have the extra room for one. Well with these Disney Fruit Crisps you don't have to worry about it being too hot, or too cold. They are individual serving bags of 100% natural, freeze-dried fruit snacks. Yes they are actual fruit - that's what it means by 100% natural. They are actual fruits that have the water gently removed until they are in freeze-dried form. This process gives them that same fruit flavor that we all know and love on the go. And to top it off each bag contains two full servings of fruit!

I'm planning on tucking a few bags of these into my kids stockings this year. I know it's something they already both love, and they will have their own bags so they don't have to argue over who's had more than the other from the cabinet.

Disney Fruit Crisps are perfect for a lunchbox or any time of day.  Kid's love the sweet taste and crispy texture of the fruit crisps, and have fun with their favorite Disney characters on every bag.  Mom's love the nutritional benefits; 100% pure fruit, no added sugars or preservatives, and up to 2 servings of fruit per bag!  With Disney Fruit Crisps its easier than ever to get your kids to love fruit.

Flavors: Apple, Apple-Cinnamon, Asian Pear, Strawberry-Banana, and Peach.

Buy it: You can purchase Disney Fruit Crisps and more great snacks at Brothers-All-Natural online. Or you can check out the Store Locator to see if they are in a store near you!

Make sure you check them out ASAP because right now they have several of their Fruit Crisp products on sale. Plus they offer Free Shipping on orders over $25.

What's your favorite fruit you'd love to see in a freeze dried format?
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