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Help make a change and support the "A Better World for Kids" Virtual Game Kickstarter Campaign

You might remember my previous post about the A Better World Facebook game that came out a few years ago. I told you about the game and how much my then 5-year old daughter enjoyed playing it with me. I have to admit one of the things I wasn't very fond of then was that it was stationed on Facebook making it so she could only play it with my supervision. The game itself was completely appropriate for her to play alone, but I wanted to be there to make sure she didn't accidentally get off the game and onto anything else on Facebook. Well I'm back now to share with you that the creators of A Better World are working on a new initiative called A Better World for Kids. Through this new version kids will have fun and make a difference through good deeds and positive thinking both in the online virtual world game and in the real world.

Kids start off by creating avatars in the game that will live in the virtual community called the BetterWorldians Neighborhood. There they will interact with other kids and get jobs to help make the world a better place. Jobs are based on game-play activities kids already know such as Cooking, Driving, Building, Puzzles, and more. It will also include actions like Learning to Cook Healthy, Sorting and Recycling using Match 3, and Solving Word Games with Positive Themes.

Kids earn "Do-Good Gold" for doing good deeds, The more good deeds they do, the faster and further they’ll progress! They'll earn more points, unlock more features of the game, and even their house gets bigger! And as an added incentive they get to "spend" their gold on lots of great items like clothing for their avatars and home decor for their houses.

A key aspect of A Better World for Kids is breaking the boundary between the real world and virtual world – kids are asked to do good in the game AND in the real world. Kids can also share and be rewarded in the game for real world good they’ve done. This is not just about sitting and playing online, but about going out in the world and doing good. Parents can even put in real world household chores for kids to do which earns kids Do-Good Gold in the game.

A Better World for Kids will be located on its own website (not on Facebook) and be compliant with all child privacy laws and regulations. They are working with FTC COPPA certified safe harbor vendor, Privo, to ensure that they follow all best practices in making sure A Better World for Kids is safe. They also will use Sift's state-of-the-art, best-in-class monitoring techniques to ensure that any interactions between kids are safe and friendly.

You can get all of the details, and even support the campaign on their Kickstarter page.
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