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Bye-bye cable...Hello Roku and Netflix

It's been an ongoing debate in my house for some time now that we really need to cut back on some of our (as I call them) unnecessary bills. The top one on my list has been the cable bill for awhile now. I just can't justify spending so much money on something that truly we could do without. There are just so many other less expensive options if we really feel like we need to watch TV. The first thing I did was scout the web to see exactly what those other options were. I knew I didn't want to cut cable just to switch to something like Direct TV, to me that's basically going no where and where we live I've heard the receptions isn't always the best. So I knew I needed something that would rely on on our internet for service. We've always had a good speed of internet so I figured something like that would be perfect. After researching the various types of streaming boxes I could get that included some channels and had the ability to subscribe to others I opted to go with a Roku. I had heard good things about them and knew they had been around for quite some time.

With my Roku box we can watch previous seasons of TV shows as well as various other older shows and movies through their free "channels". The line-up of quality movies wasn't that great so we decided to check out some other options. That's where Netflix came in. It had a free trial so that sounded like a good route to go to be able to check them out without being committed to anything. Suffice to say we are in the second week of our trial and so far we are really enjoying it. We've had rain the last few days so it's given us the perfect opportunity to have some family movie time.

So far we aren't missing cable really at all, and have actually spent less time with the TV on even which in my opinion is an even better reason to not have it. I am planning to download the Netflix app this weekend and check that out too. Might be perfect for the kids when we take our long trip to New Hampshire to visit family next summer!

What do you use for TV service? Are you happy with what you have? Do you have any recommendations for us?
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