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Furry Family Members

Ever since I got my first cat when I was a child I've always had a soft spot for sweet little kittens. If it weren't for my husband telling me no I'd probably be a crazy cat lady by now. Over the years we've had some cats and a few dogs in our home. Some are still with us while others unfortunately are not.  As a pet owner I have to admit they each have a special place in my heart. Each with their own little personalities. Our first family cat was Oreo (above) and he's still with us today. He's super laid back and really just wants to have your attention all the time.

Our latest additions are a dog named Pete and a cat named Anna. We adopted them both this month from the Almost Home Humane Society. They are both settling in well and seem to be enjoying their new homes. I'm planning to share more about our pets and hopefully start doing some awesome pet product reviews for you too!

Do you have any fur babies?
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