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Suddenly Grain Salad - Side dish in an instant! #SuddenlyGrainSalad

Are you looking for something to use as a unique side dish with your family dinners? Or maybe something to wow everyone at a pitch in meal? Then let me introduce you to Suddenly Grain Salad mixes. Each variety of Suddenly Grain Salad mixes includes a wholesome grain blend like brown rice, wild rice and quinoa paired with flavorful herbs and spices. Plus dried fruit, vegetables and/or nut mix-ins along with a dressing packet are included all in one easy to use kit. It's a simple boil-in-bag format that's super easy to make, and a delicious new side to accompany any meal.

I wasn't sure how this would go over with my family because my kids can tend to be picky eaters at times. But I did the mom thing and made them both take a spoonful and told them not to make any remarks until everyone had a chance to try it. And well, lets just say the pan was empty when dinner was over. So I guess you could say this side dish was a success in my house!

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