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The Chili Lab - Time to spice it up for summer!

I received what is referred to as The Essential Chili Salt Collection and am very happy with the selections I received. The Chipotle Chili and Piri Piri Chili Salts are both rated with a medium heat spice level while the Pequin Chili Salt is rated with a heavy heat spice level. I like that this is indicated right on the front of the bottle on the label because I'm not one for big spice, whereas my husband on the other hand says the spicier the better! I recently came down with a nice (well not really nice) case of strep throat so I wasn't able to do very much experimenting with these salts as I had wanted to, but I was able to use them when cooking burgers on the grill last week for dinner one night. I just added a little bit of the salts as I was pattying up the burgers so the flavor would be through out the meat. I have to say they gave them a nice flavor having it cooked right into the patty. My husband (the one who likes it spicy) of course added some of the Pequin salt to his burger after it was cooked and on his bun because he said it wasn't spicy enough for him. I have to point out this is a man that puts hot sauce on pretty much everything he eats. I thought having the Chipotle salt cooked in the burger tasted perfect and so did my kids.

The Chili Labs exclusive line of chili salts are sea salts infused with chili peppers from all over the world, each with their own unique flavor. The Chili Labs mission is to go beyond the heat and really focus on the flavors of chili peppers. And I think they have done a great job so far. I can't wait to try out some more of the salts I received through out the summer when grilling up meats and preparing side dishes for all the great cook-outs we are planning to have.

Background information:

Founded in the Fall of 2013 by Brooklyn based entrepreneur, Thomas Kelly, The Chili Lab has created a unique line of chili salts that cooks can use as their secret weapon for better tasting food. The idea came out of frustration by the lack of products on the market that actually focused on the flavor of chili peppers, not just the heat. Currently, The Chili Lab blends 9 different flavors of chili salts including the piri piri chili from Africa that boasts an herb and citrus flavor with medium heat, and the guajillo chili from Mexico, which features a smoke and tomato flavor with medium heat. With grilling season on the horizon, The Chili Lab salts can be thought of as a minimalist rub that will awaken your taste buds to new and delicious flavors.

Buy it:
Order now using code “pollen-8” and get a 15% discount through 5/31 at The Chili Lab’s online store. Chili Salts make great gifts for anyone that likes to add a little something special to their dishes!

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