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The Handy Box Subscription #thehandybox

The Handy Box is the first monthly subscription box designed for handy men and women, DIY’ers (do it yourself-ers), and those who enjoy projects around the home.  Each month, The Handy Box delivers useful tools and gadgets to help you complete projects of any size, whether you’re hanging a picture or renovating the bathroom.

First off I have to say I LOVE how the box it self has The Handy Box stamped on the outside of it. It makes it even more exciting knowing what you're about to open! It makes your mind wonder about all the items that could be inside the box.

But wonder no more! Here's all the great stuff that was nestled into my Handy Box:
• Crank Power LED Flashlight
• 25pc Tool Set with Spotlight
• 4 AA Duracell Batteries (for spotlight)
• Hex Key Ring Set
• 10ft. Tape Measure
• Compass Key Chain with Thermometer

I know exactly what you are thinking right now.. How did all of that stuff fit in that box?!? I know that's exactly what I was thinking after I took it all out. I will even let you in on a little secret..I actually put it all back in the box just to see if I could make it all fit myself! I guess you could say I was very impressed with just how many items were enclosed in the box. The other part I was excited about was exactly what was included in the box. They were all useful items for any level of "handy". I don't consider myself to be an expert by any means, but I knew what all of the included tools were used for and exactly where I could put them to good use. Heck it even had batteries for the tool set spotlight. Think about how many times have you gotten something that required batteries only to realize they weren't included once you got home (and you didn't have the right size at home either).

Another great part about The Handy Box is that it includes this neat card that tells you all about each item in your box. So even if you consider yourself to be a little less "handy" you'll still know exactly what you got in your box and sound like a tool expert when your talking about your box.

Subscriptions start out at a low price for a one month subscription. The prices of course go down with the three and six month subscriptions. And if you know someone that would enjoy The Handy Box you can also gift a three or six month subscription or present someone with a gift card and let them choose the length of their subscription.
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