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No job is too big for Scott Towels #pmedia #Scottvalue

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Scott Brand, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Scottvalue 

Yesterday after church we headed over to Kmart because I wanted to make sure we were able to take full advantage of the awesome offer that had just started for select Scott brand products at Kmart. This week only they are having a $5 sale on select Scott brand towels, toilet paper, and flushable moist wipes. And to make the deal even sweeter if you purchase $15 or more in any combination of these products (and scan your Shop Your Way Reward card) you will also get a $5 coupon to use on a future purchase.

Sometimes when we all go shopping together we get a little silly. Really it just lightens the mood a little when the kids get tired of following mom around the store. This trip happened to be one of those times. My daughter wanted to help out with the pictures for my post so I let her have a little fun. She did her "Here's the product" pose then cheesed it up with a package in her hands. Well after that dad decided to jump in and told her "Yep, I think this package of Scott just might be big enough to clean up your messes." Of course my son and I laughed like crazy, and as you can see my daughter just gave him a very strange look. In the end we were all in good spirits and began our descent to the check out.

After we checked out I immediately went through all the coupons the cashier handed me to make sure I got my $5 reward. Since it's a Shop Your Way Reward it comes on paper like your receipt. Make sure you don't lose it because it's not valid until 4/27.

The thing I like most about Scott towels (besides how well they clean up messes) is that the sheets are smaller. This makes it nice so you don't have to waste a big sheet on a small mess. I don't know how many times I epically failed at trying to tear off half a sheet of paper towel for a little spill. With Scott you can tear off a small sheet for a small mess, or multiple sheets for big messes.

The smaller size sheets also make for perfect refrigerator door shelf liners. With the Scott sheets you can line the bottom of the shelf and save yourself from scrubbing sticky messes and spills. I discovered this trick after having to soak and scrub out one of my shelves after my daughter put back a flip top container of honey upside down and not fully closed. It slowly leaked out and went unnoticed until sometime later when the next person went to take the container out and it left a stringy trail as they pulled it out of the shelf. I'm sure you can imagine my reaction. Honey by itself is sticky...and here I was with cold honey all over the bottom of the shelf and everything that sat next to it. Let me tell you it took a lot of hot water to warm the honey enough to even begin to get it all off everything. After that I decided something had to be done because I wasn't about to take on this type of mess again.

And I figured while I was at it I should also line my crisper drawers. Sometimes we have a very full fridge so I use my crisper drawer for things other than fresh fruits and vegetables. And I've encountered similar situations in these drawers too. Usually it's a little big of juice from a package of open baby carrots, or a not quite sealed container of lunch meat. Nothing drastic like the honey episode. But now that my drawers are all lined with Scott paper towels I can easily switch them out if I see that it's gotten wet from something leaking. Definitely much faster and easier than finding out something leaked and then dried up in the bottom of the drawer.

Check out Kmart's Shop Your Way Rewards for great coupon offers on Scott Tissue products this week!

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