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Home Run Inn Pizza

Before joining this blogging campaign I had never heard of Home Run Inn Pizza. I'm sure I had passed by them every time I went down the frozen pizza isle, just never really paid much attention. Lucky for me I was equipped with two pizza coupons and was on a mission during this shopping trip to find them.

After locating the frozen pizza sign in the frozen food isle I easily and quickly found the Home Run Inn display.  They only currently had two varieties so I opted to pick up one of each for our dinner. Above is a picture from my shopping trip at Payless (a Kroger affiliate). While waiting in the check out line I was reading over the boxes and found out that they are made with all natural ingredients, real cheese, and contain no preservatives. I was already liking these pizzas before I had even tried them.

Preparation was pretty simple: open the box, remove wrapped pizza, cut open plastic wrap and remove, then place pizza directly on oven rack in the pre-heated oven. I took a photo of the pizzas before they were baked so I could do a comparison to the final product.

Here's what they looked like fully baked. They were very easy to remove from the oven rack because the crust on the bottom had cooked all the way. I always cook my pizzas a little longer than most because i like my crust and pepperoni crisp. Due to this my pizzas don't look like the pictures boxes. But rest assured my pizzas were not burnt, they were cooked to perfection in my opinion.

Almost time to get that first taste..I could hardly wait. I used the awesome pizza cutter I was provided with to easily cut through them to make the slices just the sizes I wanted.  I really like this cutter much better than the traditional cutters with the long handles.

Paired with a simple salad mix and I had the perfect meal planned for our dinner. And as you could see by the first product photo they are at a great price point for frozen pizzas. Definitely a much better value than delivery or carry-out from a local pizzeria. And you don't have to worry about it being cold by the time you get home.

Another interesting fact I learned was when compared to other frozen and delivered pizzas, Home Run Inn is consistently #1 according to Consumer Reports, and is Chicago’s number one selling frozen pizza brand.

I'm looking forward to checking our local Meijer store to see what varieties they carry. These would be perfect for keeping handy in the freezer for those nights you need a quick and easy meal that's actually not bad for you. Definitely beats having TV dinners in your freezer that contain pretty much no nutrition.

Have you tried Home Run Inn pizza before? If you have what toppings did yours have?
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