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Data Privacy Day

Today January 28th is the sixth annual Data privacy Day (DPD), McAfee and ADT have conducted a survey which highlights the risks that consumers are taking with their physical and digital security and the growing tie between them. Home safety no longer stops at the front door. If you are not securing your phone, you are putting your physical safety and that of your family at risk.

As technological advances enable us to control products in the home with just the touch of a button on a tablet or a smartphone, there is a dire need for education and awareness about security.

Here are some stats the survey revealed:
· 67% of smartphone users and 65% of tablet users protect their devices with a password, but 49% of them admit to sharing the password.

· 51% reported having their personal security compromised through physical and online breaches

· 77% believe ‘personal security’ intertwine both physical and online.

· 31% said their smartphones present the most potential for security risk and 49% believe their computers do.
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