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Hairy Balls - Now Available for iPhone and iPad

Hairy Balls, the Devilishly ‘Hard’ Puzzler, is Now Available for iPhone and iPad

REDTRIBE, Australia’s fastest growing video game development studio, announced today the release of Hairy Balls for the iPad and iPhone across North America.  Hairy Balls is now available on the App Store and can be downloaded and played with for free.

“We spent a lot of time tweaking Hairy Balls to ensure a balanced experience.” said Chris Mosely, CEO, REDTRIBE. “The response has been surprising. People can't wait to get their hands on them and have a play.  Early tests indicate that the game is quite challenging.  The Flurry stats (game stats) indicate people are playing the game for hours and hours, day after day. Once you start playing with Hairy Balls it seems you can't stop.”

An addictive and challenging puzzle game, Hairy Balls dares players to strategically maneuver their balls to chomp like-colored “Agaricus Dingdongalus,“ commonly called Ding-Dong mushrooms, in a limited amount of turns.  There are red, purple, yellow and, yes, blue hairy balls.  Hairy Balls challenges players to think many steps ahead as they plot out each move to ensure every ball reaches its destination.  This easy-to-learn, pick-up-and-play game is surprisingly deep, and dares even the most experienced puzzle gamers to move each bushy ball in the right order to progress. Reports from those already addicted to the game state they can’t get Hairy Balls off the brain.

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