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Bones: The Complete Seventh Season out on DVD & Blu-ray on October 9th

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Squint 101: Internship Advice
In Bones, Booth coined the term Squints for Brennan’s interns because they’re the ones who have to look at evidence really closely at a crime scene.  In this feature, we will offer internship advice, using examples from Squints featured on the show, on how to knock the socks off your supervisors and be an ass-kicking intern. 
Always Take Notes
Intern Vincent Nigel Murray is one of the lucky one when he was born with a retentive memory, enabling him to memorize trivia and important facts and notes, without having to write anything down.  However, most people aren’t born with such gift so during your internship, always take a notepad with you and take notes whenever your supervisor tells you any information or whenever you participate in any meetings. It’s always good to have something to refer back to instead of pestering your superiors with questions they’ve already addressed. 
Work Hard and Reap the Benefits
Wendell Bray is like most interns – he comes from a modest family and he received help to pay for his college education.   Throughout his internship with the Jeffersonian, Bray worked hard and juggled schooling and other extracurricular activities, including participating in a hockey team.  When Bray’s scholarship was pulled due to lack of funding, the Jeffersonian team made sure he was able to stay in school and keep his internship, proving that hard work and pleasing your employers pay off in the end. 
Stay Out of Office Drama
Clark Edison is a Jeffersonian’s intern who’s strictly all about the job at hand.  He finds interpersonal drama overwhelming and believes it’s a roadblock on performing well on the job. So beware of all the water-cooler gossips you overhear – stay focus on the task and leave office drama to others. 
Don’t Rush Through Your Work
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Daisy Wick is Jeffersonian’s least successful intern due to her clumsiness and her habit of blurting outwhatever she’s thinking.  Dr. Brennan finds her irritating, especially after she shattered a skull, and has thus fired her twice.  Unlike Wick, interns should exercise caution on their work and pay attention to details; don’t do a haphazard job only so you can be the first one done.

Share Your Talent & Background


When it comes to internships, you want to leave an impression on your supervisors, albeit a positive one of course, as they are capable of someday offering you a job.  Don’t follow into intern Arastoo Vaziri’s footsteps in hiding your talent and past experience because you never know when it may actually help you out and push you ahead of the competition.
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