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I Believe In You Book Review

Inspired by her own four children, Marianne wrote I Believe In You because we all want to know we have someone who truly believes in us, no matter what life is dishing out.

Your job of growing up
takes hard work, I know,
but each day is an adventure.
Each problem helps you grow.

Growing up can be a topsy-turvy journey from schoolwork, friendships, fitting in, and standing out. When children of any age know that they have a fan, they feel more confident to problem sole, endure, and succeed.

Whether it’s sunny or stormy,
whether you’re happy or blue,
I’m here to say, without a doubt,
That I believe in you!

I Believe in You encourages kids to look within to find they have all they need to succeed—and to know they always have someone cheering them on.

About the Author:
Marianne Richmond turned a personal tragedy into a motivational vehicle, becoming an award-winning author and selling over a million books in the process.

Her career was launched by accident; she was diagnosed with a brain tumor (thankfully benign), the cause of numerous epileptic seizures through her childhood. During her five-week recovery period, Marianne created hand-painted thank you cards for her many well-wishers. With Jim’s, her new boyfriend, and friend’s encouragement, she decided to launch her own greeting card business, Marianne Richmond Studios, Inc.  As distribution for her cards increased, she decided to try her hand at writing a book, honoring her biggest fan, her now-husband Jim, with The Gift of an Angel.

Beginning with her first book in 1997, Gift of An Angel, writer and artist Marianne has touched the lives of millions over the past decade through her line of greeting cards and gift books. Since then she has become a recognized creator of numerous books that celebrate milestones in life, memorable journeys, and relationships.  Marianne currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with her even-keeled husband, Jim, their four kids, and their senior citizen Border Collie, Clay. Find out more at her website

My Take:
I thought this book was really cute from the cover to the pictures on the inside, to the actual story itself. I can honestly see as a parent of two children having these exact same thoughts about things I'd say to my kids.  I am always trying to find ways to encourage them and let them know I believe in them.  I even took the opportunity while reading this book to my daughter to point out that mommy and daddy believe in her just like the child in the book. I love books like this it really makes conversations easier to have with younger kids.  For them to not only hear it from their parents but to see and read about it in a book, knowing it is true is always a big help.

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