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Father's Day is coming

Father's Day is just around the corner. What will you be getting for your dad? Maybe something to make him laugh like funny coffee mugs. Or maybe something a little more serious like a sentimental card. In the past I've gotten my step-dad t-shirts, lottery tickets, cards, gift cards and some other simple things.

My daughter and I are going to Home Depot tomorrow to make her dad a valet organizer. I can remember when I was a kid making my dad things in school art class. Oh how I thought he would love them, and of course he told me he did, that they were the best gifts ever. Now here I am as a parent and I get to hear my husband tell our kids the same thing when they present him with their hand made gifts.  I do agree with my dad though, and see why he always said they were the best ever.  The love that goes into those gifts means so much more than any other gift that they could buy in a store. Just seeing the smile on their faces when you tell them they are the best gifts ever is priceless.

Now it's your turn, what are you getting your dad (or what are your kids making their dad) this year for Father's Day?
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