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All Terrain Kids Lip Balm

If your kids love lip balm like mine do then they are sure to love All Terrain Kids Lip Balms. They come in a great twin pack of Cherry and Bubble Gum, which were both big hits in my household.  Thank goodness they came in a twin pack or I would have had a fight on my hands, both of my kids are always asking for lip balm.  I honestly don't know where it all goes! With All Terrain you can feel safe giving your kids lip balm to wear, it contains SPF25 and is made of all natural ingredients. I tried on both of them and the flavors were very subtle too, so you won't have to worry about the kids thinking they need to lick it all off to get more! : )

Product Description
All Terrain has taken one of its most popular products – Lip Armor with SPF 25, and made it kid friendly with new flavors like Bubble Gum and Cherry. It’s an easy, simple way to keep your lips protected from UVA and UVB rays. Containing natural ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, beeswax and vitamin E – in short – it’s the perfect healing balm to keep your lips supple no matter what the weather – and now its available in Bubble Gum and Cherry. All Terrain is made with all natural products and is cruelty free with no testing done on animals.

The new Kids Lip Armor joins a long list of other child specific products made by All Terrain that includes:
· Kids All Weather Cream™ is all encompassing offering children superior protection  from the drying effects of sun, wind and cold weather while aiding in the prevention of cracked or chapped skin.
· Kids Eczeam Cream™ protects and relieves eczema skin irritations and provides relief from related itching.
· Kids Skin Soother Gel™ helps relieve dry, chapped or cracked skin while blending a first aid component to protect cuts, scrapes and burns.
· Kids Itch and Rash Cream™ relieves the itching and discomfort from rashes, insect bites and minor skin irritations.
· Kids Soothing Soap™ eases dry, itchy or irritated skin
· Kids Wonder Wash™ is a gentle, all purpose soap that is pH neutral, biodegradable and concentrated.  It is available in Fragrance Free or Peppermint.
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