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Kids' Kitchen Recipe Book Review

I was provided a copy of the Kids' Kitchen from the ecomom store for my reviewing purposes with my kids. Kids' Kitchen is full of new and exciting healthy recipes fit to entice any level of cook.  We started out with a simple recipe that helped add some spice to normal toast. I liked how easy it was to prepare and the kids had a great time cutting out animal shapes before frying up the toast. (Someone forgot to charge the camera batteries, so sorry for the lack of a photo on this one.)  Some of the recipes were a little more advanced than what we are used to, but I am still going to give some of them a try.  I can't wait to try the recipe I found for a homemade quick rise bread.  This box of recipes was definitely a welcomed treat in our home and we plan to keep it handy.  I am even looking forward to buying chickpeas for the first time and seeing just how they taste!

Kids' Kitchen
40 Fun and Healthy Recipes to Make and Share
Step into the kitchen for some child-friendly fun with food. The forty recipes in this colorful deck are based around the five main food groups, and offer a healthy and exciting way to learn about cooking.
Ages 8 and up
Written By: Fiona Bird
Illustrated By: Roberta Arenson

Buy it:  Kid's Kitchen retails for $19.99 on the EcoMom website.  Mom in Training readers will receive a 15% OFF discount using code SBBL746.  Code valid until March 28, 2011. 

Want to know more about Ecomom and their great products you can visit them on their pages:

Disclosure:  I was provided this book for my review purpose, no monetary compensation was given.  All opinions are my own.


  1. That sounds like an awesome book.

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  3. Looks like a fun book, my daughter loves cooking.

    Happy tumble Tuesday

  4. Recipe books for kids are so convenient...lets them feel more independent and lets mom relax and enjoy! You gave a great review!
    Stumbled your post!
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  5. Wow, I might have to buy this book. My son has feeding issues and it's a constant battle when eating. It's hard to figure out what to make him (that he'll actually eat) and still keep it somewhat healthy and organic. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Really good review. My kids love cooking with me ... I'll have to check the book out.

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  7. That sounds like a great cookbook! I have a very picky eater on my hands.

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  9. This looks great for my little ones who love helping me in the kitchen, anyway!
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  10. Mary Gallardo1:54 AM

    I love cooking and baking with my kids! This cookbook is neat!


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