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God Gave Us the World Book Review

Cute, cute, cute. I love this book.  Not only are the illustrations wonderful, but so is the content.  I recognized right off how the author was trying to get kids to understand the concept of how there are so many different kinds of people that God made all over the world by relating it to how many different types of bears there are.  It really helped lead into that particular discussion with my 4-year old daughter.  She is just at that age where she notices that some people look different than we do and makes comments about it without understanding it may hurt someones feelings. So this helped me with the discussion of how God made us all different and unique, but in his eyes we are all the same and special to him in our own individual ways.  I am looking forward to going back and reading the other books in this series, I can only imagine they are just as good as this one is!

Little Cub’s trip to a special museum exhibit, “Bears Around the World,” sparks a flurry of questions from the young polar bear who is just beginning to learn about life beyond her North Pole home.

As Mama Bear shares with her about the different types of places that God has put the various types of bears, with their different kinds of fur and food, Little Cub begins to wonder: Why didn’t God make us all the same?

With Mama’s loving guidance, Little Cub is taught to see the vastness of God’s wonderful creation; His abilities as an amazing, inventive Creator; His desire for us to care for our world, and especially the important lesson that…  “Every bear has a special place in God’s great, big world.”

Written by Lisa T. Bergren
Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: Jan 11, 2011
ISBN: 9781400074488

Disclosure: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. I was not compensated in any other form, all opinions are my own.
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